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For the first time, last term we had the opportunity to take a small group of students from NCW (Paige, Jack, Charlie and Tobias) to our exchange partner centres in Alicante, Spain. We were hosted by CRE (Centre of Resources for the blind and visually impaired in Alicante) during a weekend of special activities all themed around English. We also had a chance to visit IES Las Fuentes High School in Villena, Alicante and meet some of our pen-pal friends. During the trip, we took part in learning activities organised by CRE and we were immersed in the local culture visiting different tourist sites.

Initially were involved with a mainstream school called Las Fuentes in Villena, Alicante, over two years ago. Our Spanish students started to email students from Las Fuentes and we also created a video in Spanish about NCW and, likewise, they created a video about Las Fuentes in English. At the start of this academic year we formed a triangle: ONCE (VI community in Spain), Las Fuentes and NCW.

ONCE invited us to take part in a weekend of special activities they had put together for youngsters aged 12-18. So we went along… and NCW had the first ever visit to Spain.

In the future, we are hoping that ONCE students will visit us. Also, ONCE will be running an international weekend next year to which we are also invited.

During the trip we made lasting memories and friends for life both at ONCE and the mainstream high school, Las Fuentes in Villena, Alicante.

Jack, Paige, Tobias and Charlie

What did the students say?

“The trip to Alicante was really amazing. We completed a wide range of interesting activities, and I feel I learned a lot from the experiences. We were immersed in Spanish culture and it was fascinating. I have a passion for Spanish, but this trip only proved to inspire me even further to work. I’m incredibly grateful that we were given this opportunity, because it is an AMAZING experience I will never forget. The activities themselves were also interesting in other areas, for example I love history, so I found the castle trip fascinating. It was also amazing that we were able to meet our pen-pals in person, as we have been writing to them for a long time, so it was fantastic to meet them and get to know them face to face.”

“I just want to say that I’ve enjoyed every single moment of the trip with all of my heart that I would enjoy going there again. I loved meeting all the friends, who were really welcoming and sweet. The things that stand out were the trip to Villena’s castle and the swimming pool. I loved the talent show because all of the friends were talented especially Lucas who had an amazing voice.

It was so sad that I had to go back to the UK, I’ve enjoyed it from beginning to end.”

“I can’t explain how much the Spanish exchange has helped me. I felt that I was learning more from the trip than I ever could in a lesson. When I got to Spain and just fitted-in with other students, both sighted and VI, I felt like one of them!

We were able to see the facilities available to Spanish students, as well as receive accessible resources for us, for example: I was given some books from the CRE Library. Additionally, we went to a mainstream school, made use of a local pool in Villena and we visited a beautiful castle. We saw the city of Alicante and tried typical Spanish foods that I have only read about in a textbook beforehand. Also, we went to a private military base with closed access which was an unforgettable experience. Seeing all of the planes and having air shows just for us was incredible.

I have made friends for life and I hope that others can have this experience too.”

Some of the photographs from the trip can be found in the gallery on the website here: Gallery

¡Hasta luego!

The whole group