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By Steve Share, Senior Transcription Officer

Blog published 17th May 2016 | Category: New College Worcester

He’s got an “Ology” – well we’ve got a Transcription!

Many will remember Maureen Lipman’s iconic advert from the '80s as Beattie, extolling the virtues of her grandson’s qualification in Sociology. Well we feel the same about our Transcription Department.

Many mainstream schools have a Resources Department or Reprographics Department but here at NCW we have a Transcription Department. It’s very different. All our students (and some staff) have a visual impairment which may not be blindness but might simply be a difficulty in reading standard text. In a Penguin type published book the print size (font) will generally be around 11 or 12 point size. Even for our students with little visual impairment this is just too small. We need to be able to produce any written material in a suitable size so that any student can read it. This could be font 14, or 18, or 24, or 36 or even 48!

Black print on white paper does not suit everyone so we have a variety of pastel coloured papers in yellow, blue, peach and lilac.

We also produce documentation in Braille.

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