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By Rosie Barter, Head of Religious Education and ASDAN

Blog published 10th October 2017 | Category: New College Worcester

As part of their year 2 curriculum looking at Louis Braille and visual impairment I was invited to spend some time with the three classes of year 2 pupils at St James's Roman Catholic Primary School in Twickenham. I designed three sessions to give them an idea of how our students work, play and get about.

The first session started with an introduction to our College, what visual impairment really means and the pupils had an opportunity to think about all of their senses. We then focused on the Braille code. Some pupils picked up the grade 1 code very quickly and were working out coded messages I gave them whilst other tried out brailling the alphabet. Despite little fingers, they all had some Braille to take home and all of them enjoyed guessing the shapes on raised images with eyes closed and exploring the braille globes and compasses.

Another session involved looking at the different types of canes used in mobility and learning how to walk with a cane correctly and exploring going up and down steps.

Probably the most enjoyable sessions for the pupils were when they learnt how to play goalball and had mini games between the teams where goals were scored. Practising the superman defence position made them giggle especially when their class teachers and I had to demonstrate!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and cannot put in to words the excitement and enthusiasm to learn that this group of 7 year olds exhibited. Their openness to what a disability means and their thoughtful questions made me feel that they would continue in their lives with a very positive view of visual impairment.

In the dining room, goalball and assembly at NCW

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