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It is always with trepidation staff and students and NCW approach exam results day – all those students’ hopes and dreams transcribed into a slip of paper!

This year we have been delighted with some fabulous results. For some their grades are outstanding by anyone’s standards. Examples include Zoe’s three A’s in Maths, Physics and Music AS Levels, Matt’s A in History along with a B and C at A Level, and Harmony’s incredible array of GCSE results ranging from a 9 in the new grading system for English Language and a smattering of As and Bs for her other subjects.


For NCW students however, all their results are to be acknowledged alongside an appreciation of the additional challenges our students face in their learning. One incredible example of such progress is Felix, who has achieved an A in Chemistry, a B in German and a B in Physics along with his other good passes at GCSE. When he joined NCW in 2012, Felix had no medium of work and very little confidence. The progress he has made and these qualifications attained are a testament to his hard work and positive attitude – plus the support of specialist teaching, an appropriate medium of work and the best educational resources for a learner with a visual impairment.


Whilst great results are very satisfying to divulge – all the students at NCW are to be congratulated for their attainment. Each one has made great progress – in A Levels, AS Levels, GCSEs, BTecs and other courses to develop social skills and independent living skills.

At NCW we are privileged to be a part of the lives of these young people and it is with great pride that we celebrate their academic accomplishments and the personal development as they continue on their NCW journeys.