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News > Hello Yellow - By Head Boy Charlie

This week is Young People's Mental Health Week, and Grace and I have collaborated with the Young Minds charity to promote awareness around young people's ill mental health issues.

We had an assembly on Monday highlighting the importance of talking to each other and staff, especially if you're going through hard times — it's important to know that people are available.

On a brighter note, Tuesday was a Wear Yellow day where the school took to the stage in their brightest possible yellow colours. We even had some students in reflective jackets and with dyed hair! This is because yellow is the world colour for Young People's Mental Health. Every yellow person paid a £1 for this, helping to raise money.

Collage of staff and students wearing yellow

On Wednesday, we had a cake sale with staff from various departments donating cakes, as well as banana milkshakes provided by the canteen. This was so successful and helped us raise even more money.

As I write (Thursday) we have already raised about £140, and we still have a lemon-eating contest to go at lunchtime today.

It's the first time that this school has been involved with this project, and the first time Grace and I have done any fundraising as Head Boy and Head Girl and we couldn't be happier with how well it is going!

Charlie - Head Boy

Staff and students wearing yellow!