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By By Lauren, A2 Student

Blog published 17th March 2016 | Category: New College Worcester

I’m Lauren, and I’m 18 years old. I’ve been in mainstream education for most of my life but I came to NCW to do my 6th form studies, as I knew these would be crucial for my future and I didn’t think that my previous school would be able to accommodate for my needs. One of the subjects I have studied here at NCW is business. I’ve always enjoyed business and found it very interesting; it’s also an area that I’ve noticed is mentioned in everyday life as there are often business articles on the news. For those who have studied GCSE business and enjoyed it, I believe that A Level business should be something to consider as it looks at the skills that have already been learned and builds upon them.

Studying business studies at NCW has allowed me to look at many different areas within businesses and how they are impacted on by many different factors, both within the business and outside of it. Studying here allowed me to develop an understanding of businesses, the markets they operate in and how materials go through the transformation process to become products and services. I also learned how business behaviour can be studied, through the use of decision making and problem solving skills. These skills really helped me when answering the questions on the AS exam papers, and I’m sure that the further development of these skills through the use of research in A2 business will help me to answer the exam questions I will have in June.

There have been many different things that I’ve enjoyed and found useful when studying business. I also think that many of these have been different from how I would have experienced them in mainstream.

Firstly, and very importantly, I’ve been lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable and helpful teacher. This has been especially useful as I’ve had business 1-to-1 since I started it in 2014. I’ve always found my teacher very approachable and have therefore felt that I am able to ask for help when I need it. The one-to-one environment also made this possible as it would have been more difficult and time consuming in a group. However, there are some bonuses that groups have that are not the case in One-to-one situations. For example, in one of my other subjects where I am one of 5 students, I have found that there is a lot more opportunity for discussion; something that would have been valuable in business. However, though it is slightly harder, there are many ways around this, mostly thanks to the flexibility of study here. Also, due to the insightfulness of my teacher, I’ve been able to discuss topics (especially during my A2 studies) with her.

Another difference that I’ve found when studying business here rather than in mainstream education is that I’ve had the opportunity to access all of the information that pupils usually expect to have such as the text book (both electronically and in an audio format) and extra resources such as up-to-date business review additions and articles concerning business news and current affairs. This has all been made available to me through the use of my computer equipment, and an accessible drive that all students can access, containing textbooks and extra resources for all subjects. This was not the case throughout most of my mainstream education as those working with me there didn’t have the technical skills and equipment for this to be possible.

Another thing I’ve liked about business is that I’ve been able to use examples of businesses that I enjoy both in lessons and in the exam. Furthermore, any of them are mentioned in the textbook which makes it a lot more interesting, and overall makes what I’m learning a lot easier to put into context. To add to this, I’ve always found it very easy to follow the textbook and there are many articles that I’ve been able to use during my studies. The articles that I’ve found the most helpful are those from “business review”, as these are often written by examiners or business teachers and therefore give an idea of the detail needed in exams. Another article I have found useful is one that shows the detail needed in essays, as at first I found this quite difficult to master.

When it comes to the exams and revising for them, there have been many things that I have found useful, both in terms of revising and preparing for the day.

In terms of revising, I have always found the “revision structure” that my business teacher has sent out to be very helpful, as it outlines the topics that are likely to come up in the exam, and the subtopics that I will need to study. This makes it easy for me to break down my revision, which stops it from being cluttered and disorganised.

Another thing I have found useful when it comes to revision, especially in A2 business is to make a glossary of key terms for each of the areas of study, including formulae. There are many different concepts in business that all need to be learned for the exam, and some of these are more difficult than others. I often find them easier to master if I put their key terms in the glossary, and follow them up with examples. This also makes it possible to revise without having to go through the textbook, which I often find stressful as there is so much information.

Another technique that I’ve found favourable to use is to look at the notes I have made about each topic and make them smaller and smaller, which not only allows me to only look at the useful information, but allows me in most cases to remember it more efficiently.

Overall I’ve found business studies a very exciting and interesting subject, and I feel that I will take from my lessons a more in depth knowledge; not only of businesses, but of the world in which all of them operate. After completing my studies here at NCW, I would like to pursue a career in the health sector, eventually, if possible, becoming a counsellor or therapist. I feel that although I will not be studying business, it has helped me to achieve this potential goal as both in marketing an human resources, I’ve been given the knowledge to understand human behaviour (both in the context of customers and employees) through the use of many theories. I believe that having gained this knowledge, I will take it into my career and use it to the best of my ability.

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