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By Steve Share, Senior Transcription Officer

Blog published 26th September 2016 | Category: New College Worcester

So, how was it for you?

School summer holidays for the NCW transcription department is not how some might think, not for us lying on the beach topping up the sun tan! My word no.

In fact with the school resembling the Marie Celeste it's a great time to produce work for the coming academic year. Without any of the usual interruptions of the hectic school day, the tranquillity of the school with footsteps echoing along the corridor becomes a first class working environment. The main worry is that you might run out of milk for one of your six cups of tea and then you must go and buy another pint yourself!

With the recent curriculum changes, school wide, there is plenty of need for an atmosphere conducive to work. We know only too well that any work done before the start of the new term will ease the perennial pressure of teachers needing work done for them for yesterday.

Transcribing foundation maths and higher level maths is akin to painting the Forth Road Bridge. No sooner have you finished the 3 year syllabus than someone has the bright idea of changing it.

With a new exam board for music and new text books for Spanish, French and German it’s been an exhausting summer but rewarding getting these subjects ready for the start of term and the new influx of students.

The only real problem is that, not being fluent in any of these languages, we have no idea if what we have down on paper is correct or not….not until the relevant language teachers “marks” them for us.

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