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By Nicola Currie, Head of Art

Blog published 2nd March 2017 | Category: Supporting VI Students

One of the challenges for partially sighted students studying art at GCSE, AS and A level, is the high priority examination boards give to drawing.

In the Art Department at NCW we work to find ways for students to access drawing. One of the methods which works well for some students is to focus on what is known as negative space - the space around the main object – minding the gaps - rather than the object itself.

Picture of deer white out of black

Some students can see the black area around the deer above more easily as the student copy drawing shows. Luke in Year 12, who studies both AS Art and AS computing, is also experimenting with using a virtual grid to create a vector drawing by keying in a Pyx digital drawing of his ceramic model ideas using Python Language. But he tells me this is only for those with programming knowledge!

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