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Independent Living Skills

Our aim is to ensure that each student develops the skills and means to be resourceful and confident in the sighted world

Independent Living Skills are developed as part of the timetable. Students learn cookery, health care, first aid and other life skills. We aim to equip them all with appropriate skills, adapted to meet their individual needs. Care staff in the houses also teach students to make their own drinks and meals and in time, to do their own laundry and a wide range of other skills.


Looking beyond NCW

We use typical household equipment, most of which is not adapted. All students are encouraged to use these to prepare them for the outside world. However, talking microwaves, scales and measuring jugs are available if students prefer.

Safety is key. Handling knives means overcoming understandable fear. Using a cooker or ironing takes concentration. Every student is taught to understand and respect this.

Sometimes students worry that they are not progressing fast enough. However, it is not a contest. We encourage them all to learn these important skills at their own pace in a non-competitive environment.

“Every student has their own ideas of what they want to achieve. For some it’s putting on make-up in the right way, for others making a hot drink safely or learning how to iron. We work with them one to one, for as long as it takes, to get them there. It’s a proud moment when a student who couldn’t turn on a tap when they joined us, actually fills a kettle and makes a cup of coffee for the first time.”
Nathalie Bufton, Head of Independent Living Skills