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Head of Department: Mr David Hinds


The English department aims to create effective and confident communicators both orally and in the written form. We also aim to engender a love of literature in the students by studying a range of genres (plays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction) as well as developing imaginative and creative writing skills.

English Collage

The challenge in meeting the needs of students with visual impairment include:

  • Accessing texts in appropriate format
  • Developing group discussion skills when visual feedback is not available
  • A lack of wider knowledge of the world which is often gleaned through sight

Examples of Adaptations for Visually Impaired Students

A number of adjustments are made to our teaching to meet the needs of our students with visual impairment:

  • Small groups enable more personalised learning
  • Text formats – braille, electronic, large print – this extends to examination material whereby we work closely with exam boards to get the correct format for each individual student
  • Drama activities to aid collaboration and understanding – we collaborate closely with the Drama department to access a range of approaches
  • Use of dioramas, swell illustrations and artefacts to provide a more three dimensional experience and aid understanding
  • A large bank of audio books and podcasts to support learning
  • Using Audacity to create our own podcasts of stories, plays, speeches etc.
  • Theatre trips in conjunction with Drama


Exam Courses from September 2016


OCR GCE English Literature

AQA GCE Language and Literature


Years 12/13 – OCR GCSE English Language (retake)

Years 10/11 – AQA GCSE English Language and AQA GCSE English Literature